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51 At the same time, historian and author Charlotte Gray has described Canadians as people who do not do heroes or hero-worship well, preferring instead to celebrate the collective rather than the individual: "the qualities that are celebrated in our national life today are collective. The province also received immigrants from non English-speaking sources such as Germans, many of whom settled around Kitchener (formerly called Berlin). Macdonald's pragmatism laid the foundation of the national myth of the 'two founding nations' (English and French which was to endure well into the twentieth century among a strong minority of English Canadians and was eventually reflected in the official government policy that flowed from. Interethnic and interracial marriages and were also more common in British Columbia than in other provinces since colonial times. Loyalty to Great Britain created the initial fracture lines between the populations of the Thirteen Colonies and the populations of Nova Scotia and Quebec at the time of the American Revolution and forced the flight of the Loyalists after the end of the war. If on the other hand one restricts attention to single responses, groups which have arrived in Canada more recently will be overrepresented compared to groups which have been present longer. British Columbia edit See also: History of British Columbia and Demographics of British Columbia As in much of western Canada, many of the earliest European communities in British Columbia began as outposts of the Hudson's Bay Company, founded in London in 1670 to carry. It should also be borne in mind that some percentage of any minority ethnic group will adopt French, particularly in Quebec.

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Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Prime Minister in the early 20th century, is viewed as an important statesman in English Canada. In the post war era, although Canada was committed to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, English Canadians took considerable pride in the Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to Lester Pearson for his role in resolving the Suez Crisis and have been determined supporters of the. As such English Canada developed in the nineteenth century along lines that continued to emphasize this historical attachment, evident in the naming of cities, parks and even whole provinces after members of the royal family, the retention of flags, badges and provincial mottos expressive. While such loyalty is no longer as powerful a unifying force as it once was among English Canadians, it continues to exert a noticeable influence on English Canadian culture. Even with a clear majority of almost 73, English Canadian Christians represent a large diversity of beliefs that makes it exceedingly difficult to accurately portray religion as a defining characteristic.

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